Monday, July 1, 2013

The Upside Of Using The Internet To Buy Recharge Minutes in The Philippines

Most people don’t realize that the Philippine Islands make up the texting capital of the world. Filipinos are equipped with an array of mobile phones, from the oldest and cheapest ones to the newest models in the world market. Standard usage call rates are high in the Philippines, so people use text options as much as possible.

All you need to do is purchase minutes at one of the many loading stations. Loading stations may range from the humblest kiosks to modern stores inside the biggest malls. Minutes are purchased as load, and are sold according to value per PHP1.00. Load stations or loaders send minutes to mobile phones via text message.

This process is called "Pasa-Load", which is translated as Pass a Load. Loaders buy minutes in bulk and then send off the desired amount right to your mobile.

Younger people absolutely love the text culture. This is illustrated by the fact that young Filipinos will always buy minutes the second they have money. Convenience is the name of the game, and most loaders sell from as little as PHP5.00.

If this isn't your cup of tea, you can also buy a prepaid phone card with up to PHP1000 on it, each peso corresponding to a certain amount of call time of texts. Talk and Text, Smart, Sun and Globe are the big companies that make these prepaid cards.

You can get these cards everywhere, from kiosks to malls. The third and newest method for charging mobile phone minutes is through an online loading service. Many such services exist, but the most reliable one is This online charging platform allows anyone to send minutes or credits to any mobile number in the Philippines from anywhere around the globe, 24/7. You would not believe how easy this can be. The site also offers users the choice between loading in pesos or US dollars. You don’t even have to indicate which network you are on - simply type in the correct mobile number and go. In the Philippines, mobile numbers start with a code that identifies the network that the number is registered with. knows this as well. All numbers in the Philippines start with the country code 63, and then the network code, and finally the number itself. The last step is to add to the Morbie shopping cart and check out. It’s simple and quick, so that in just a minute or two, your friend or family in the Philippines gets the load you just sent. Once you are done you should receive a thank you text sent from the company in Manila.


On the odd occasion that something goes wrong, will send you a refund. If Morbie fails to recharge minutes properly within 24 hours, it will refund the complete amount through PayPal. This makes the process perfectly safe and reliable.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Australian Charity CEO Sleepout - The Beginning

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout began as a local community venture in Sydney’s Parramatta in 2006. Since then, the event has raised important funds for Vinnies Homeless Services across NSW.

In 2010 the charity event was launched nationally and exceeded expectations, attracting almost 700 CEO’s in 7 cities nationally and raising $2.9 million to directly assist people experiencing homelessness.

Vinnies place an emphasis on breaking personal cycles of poverty by helping people to learn to make better decisions through a range of education programs, recreation activities, and extensive information and referral services in a safe and supportive environment.

At the last Census, 104,700 Australians were counted as homeless (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006) with 50,256 Australian’s on the street, every night. The growing incidence of homelessness has not been accompanied by an increase in services to meet demand. While Vinnies operates a wide range of homeless services across the country, many areas remain without specialist homeless and housing services to support the needs of people experiencing disadvantage.

The aim of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout is not only to raise funds, but raise awareness of homelessness. Our goal is not just to service the homeless, but to bring about an end to homelessness. The discomfort of sleeping on the streets is a fragment of the larger reality we hope to impart upon influential leaders of the community. With their help, and yours, we can fight the issue of homelessness together.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How To Increase Conversions and Find Your Target Market - Internet Marketing Tips

Online Advertising News | SEM news by redballoonsmo

It's a truth of internet marketing that so many approaches and tactics exist to sell online, but even given that huge numbers of people start a business online, produce nothing, and walk away. Today we're going to be talking about several approaches as well as internet marketing tips that can help you if you use them.

Most reasonably informed online marketers are aware of at least some strategies for generating traffic. There can be many reasons for a poorly performing website, but it is certainly a fact that if you're receiving traffic that is "not" targeted to your market or offer, then that will not help. One of the most sought after methods of traffic generation is search engine marketing. Everyone dreams of being number one for a great keyword phrase that gets tons of monthly traffic. Seriously, there is no reason why you should not give it a shot - nothing really to lose, either. Yes, you have to learn about on/off page optimization, backlinking and other things - but that is not hard to do. Does it work? You should know better than to ask that because there are many businesses whose only source of traffic (and income) is from search engines. However you do need to be prepared to spend time, money, lots of effort and hard work to get there. You will need to pay special attention to your keyword phrases because some are worthless compared to others. Nothing in life is free because it all costs something and not always money; search engine traffic is "free" but it does cost in other terms. Besides that, once you get your website ranked in the major search engines and work on maintaining it, you can have free traffic coming your way for years.

Remember that people are still wary about ordering something over the internet, and they have certain concerns. They want some reassurance that, if they give you their credit card number, they will get their money's worth. People often wonder how they can tell who is trustworthy, with so many dishonest offers out there. They also wonder if you might be exaggerating or misrepresenting your product in some way. You should, therefore, have a strong refund policy that you adhere to with everything you sell. This will not only help your prospect make an educated buying decision, it will also bring down the chances of any refunds; it's basic human psychology at work. The more effort you put into taking away the risk from your customer's shoulders, the higher will be your success rate.

Before you even start marketing any product online, you need to be sure of what kind of results you want to get. It's preferable to write down some goals that you can then work on achieving. When you are unsure about what you want, success is harder to achieve. Working towards a goal is much easier when it's clearly defined. Clarity can enable you to plan further into the future. is a site you can get traffic from.

By keeping all of these internet marketing strategies in mind, you will be able to create a successful and lasting business.


Monday, April 9, 2012

A Quick Discussion of Online Masters Degrees

Online Masters degrees are offered by leading universities and public schools in the United States. There is a vast market for web-based learning since almost all human endeavors today have found their way into cyberspace. The development of this educational format was undoubtedly a boon to members of the work force eager to improve their credentials.

Almost all post-university courses now have an online counterpart. There are many common choices, from MBAs to Criminal Justice and even Education. It is common for the people in these classes to spend two years on their education in order to finish it.

Among the best things about this choice is that you shall be able to work even as you study. A number of college graduates decide to go straight to a post-university class, but along the way decide to look for a job. This is perfectly fine when studying online.

And naturally, you may have specimens who got wedded right after they finished their baccalaureate. Many of the persons in such situations are ladies who choose to settle down for a short time. Many single mothers, however, still wish to go back to school and earn a Masters degree while raising a child; and again this is perfectly fine when studying online.

Should you be among those single parents nowadays, you should definitely opt for Net-based classes: they are easier for your lifestyle. You can schedule your educational hours for when the offspring are not up and about. And if you are an employed person, you can just do it during your off-times.

The beauty of the distance learning format is that it can really empower you this way. Majority of the schools offering them also permit you to register on the Net. Majority of the schools allow you to select from digital or traditional channels for reimbursing tuition too.

After payment, all ensuing activities are accomplished online. Even your modules are going tobe sent to you via electronic mail. And since the person receives the study texts even before classes begin, he can get an early start.

Most exams are going to be administered by the student himself. Often the answers are found on the next page or the last page of the module. Cheats do not progress in graduate education because they learn nothing, so hardly anyone cheats.

There may be a bit of real-time work too. There might be occasions when the professor informs students that they have to watch a live stream online. There are many occasions for live conferencing too.

It is thus the individual's duty to do well in his studies. If you do badly in the lessons, you shall hardly be able to blame anyone else but yourself. In other words, online Masters degrees train students to be responsible, independent, self-propelled, proactive and not need supervision.

The Ideal Web Design Perth and How to Get There

You should make it simpler rather than harder for a visitor to surf your website. Web design Perth specialists may be relied on to accomplish this. Show your users exactly where each piece of information is to avoid giving them a hard time.

Remember too that content matters a great deal. Aesthetics design can only do so much in making a website quite successful. The value of content can never be overstated.

The best websites are not ones that look stuffed to the rafters with various elements. Users find it is easier to use a site that does not feel stuffed, because it does not make their eyes work too hard. The careful apportioning of webpage real estate to elements will pay off in the appearance of the pages afterwards.

One must ensure that one can read the content portions easily against the BG colors. It is a fundamental precept in web design, though still one often forgotten. Not only will such content be hard to read but it also hurts people’s eyes resulting to closing down your webpage.

Are you aware of how much users on the Net loathe the pop-up window? The pop-up window is even considered a deal-breaker by many when they encounter it in their first time using a website. The simple fact is that users dislike these windows, so do not employ them.

It may not be entirely wise to show the figures publicly for your site's traffic. There is also a possibility that the counter, if it has a poor number, may end up leaving others with a false impression of your site being worthless (since so few use it). Thus, keep the figures to yourself.

There are far too many websites that are covered with advertising. This other channel for funds could help a few persons, but not many. Having too many banners can take a while to load, which may result to you losing your visitors all in all.

It is crucial that you are consistent in your project. Main pages are among the things that are most affected by this rule. Most people browsing a website for the second time want it to appear as they last encountered it, especially if their last encounter was positive.

Social media is as important as building an efficient website. Make sure to use social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace to give users the chance to communicate and interact. Most people enjoy communication-heavy sites, since it means they can talk to others about what they have just found out (perhaps through your content).

Finally, make sure to create immersive experiences for your user. You want the sort of site a design-savvy web design Perth pro will make, but also want one with substance. Your goal is hardly to create a website that only keeps people interested in it for a few seconds.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Masters of Social Work and Its Struggle Against Poverty

Social work seeks to improve the quality of life within the context of community. Among the goals would be the improvement of society's conditions, and the circumstances that bind us all. If you enter a Masters of Social Work program, you are going to be given the tools you need for these aims.

You may need to do quite a bit of work in different ways to actually help to improve the quality of life for people. A social worker typically expends his efforts on bettering the situations of those who gravely need such assistance. The poverty-stricken nations of the world are those most important to this field.

Most of these developing countries are found in the continents of Asia and Africa, as well as the Southern parts of America. There are societal issues here that are deeply affecting the quality of life for people. It is easy to forget that there is a child starving in some African country, perhaps, when you are sitting down to a full meal in your comfy home: yet this should never be forgotten.

The problem is that the riches of the globe are being hoarded or truly enjoyed by the few, instead of the many. Many of these inequities are primarily due to an attitude that values self-interest far above compassion for one's fellow man. A number of things thus have to be rectified.

Millions of people around the world try to live with less than a day. The result is a life that is better described as a mere existence. Of course there is hardship everywhere, but some areas seem to get worse hardship than others.

The developing world is a subject of great interest to social workers. The training given to those in MSW courses also helps them recognize that other issues, such as injustices, must be dealt with. These are high-level subject areas that put together several disciplines and sciences such as political science, social science and behavioral science.

A number of applications are going to be taught as well, from researching to actual passing on of knowledge. You are going to be asked to apply those skills once you graduate, after all. These abilities cannot be separated from social work, as they constitute so much of the work itself.

Developing people skills is a definite must for social work professionals. You have to interact with people to know how to help them, after all. It is impossible to do much good in this field if you cannot be at ease with others, and if your guard is so far up all the time that you never manage to see what their problems are.

The issues social work majors deal with were outlined in an official remark from the International Federation of Social Workers. According to the federation, social workers have to have a firm foundation for their work, and only proper researching can allow that. The structure of the social framework is an intricate thing, as the organization noted.

Those in the field need to be well-versed in issues and topics like human progress and social structure. Your goal is to resolve various issues that affect people around you and even yourself. The Masters Social Work classes are intended to give you the training you need for that.

What About A Masters in Project Management Degree?

Usually, admission requirements vary from institution to institution. Requirements may revolve around your educational background or whether you are a certified project management professional or not. Below are some of the most common application processes that students have to deal with if they will be delving into a masters in project management.

When it comes to a program like this one, you will only be accepted if you have a bachelor’s degree from a renowned institution. The thing about this course is that you should have professional work experience as an employee in any field linked to project management. It is important for workers to have something like a project management certification.

Since there are no standard rules for application in most schools, you might also be asked for a statement of purpose. This will express your sincere interest for a continuing education in project management. Through a statement of purpose, you can tell the institution why you are interested in the program, what kind of work experience you have, and what you plan on doing in your professional life.

Another thing you can do is rely on letters of recommendation from academic sponsors as these can boost your application. Depending on the school, you might need a couple of these. Through these letters, institutions will have an idea on your academic and professional reputation not to mention your personal character.

Of course you will also need an official transcript of records when it comes to this. The transcript of records will attest how well you have performed academically, as well as to check if you have any lacking credits. It is a good idea to include the transcript of records that you have from all the schools that you have gone to.

Scores obtained from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) are necessary when it comes to students who are considered internationally placed. GMAT and GRE scores are also required by most schools, as these serve as a common assessment tool for all applicants who have different educational and professional backgrounds. Degrees in project management require applicants to possess a 450 GMAT score and nothing lower.

If you have been working for 7 years or more, you no longer have to pass your GMAT and GRE scores. It is possible for the GMAT to be used as a substantial substitute provided that you have taken the test within the last 5 years. Waived GMAT scores however, must go through inspection from proper school authorities before being approved.

You must have the necessary certification if you wish to apply for a masters in project management program and have previous work experience in the field. To be certified, you must have at least 4,500 hours, or 10-12 weeks of a full-time job. The work done must be related to the 5 fundamental areas of project management: initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing.

With a 35-hour classroom course, an individual will be eligible for a degree when it comes to project management. Here is where a Project Management Professional examination should also be taken. Although it comes with a large fee, having a certification as a project management professional makes you more qualified for a masters degree in project management.

Again, the admission requirements may vary according to the school that you are planning to enroll in. It then makes it practical to complete the mentioned basic requirements, so you will have time to tend to additional requirements. If you are interested in a Project Management Masters degree, you should put enough effort when you deal with admission requirements which are extremely important.